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Ever felt that virtual reality lacked... something?

Discover our modular solution to add depth to how you feel the virtual reality. Our suit is easy to install and customizable. It features by default vibrators on the whole torso to increase the immersion of the user. You will be able to plug in easily additions to the suit, like pants, gloves, and more !

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Our features


Build the suit that matches your expectations

Wireless Usage

Free your user from tangles

Game engine integration

Currently optimized for Unreal Engine and Unity


For who is VirtualSkin?

Our solution is targeted for developpers that want to enhance their game to the next level and provide the best experience possible

How can I use your product?

Simply put on the shirt and you are ready to go.

When will your solution be available ?

The solution is on ALPHA, but ready to use. Contact us to ask for a demo!

With which VR headset can I use your system ?

The system doesn't rely on any specifics headset to work but rather which gaming engine you are using